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At Winvested, we provide our clients with a high level of quality citizenship by investment service in the Government approved Citizenship and Residency by Investment solutions.

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There's a whole new world waiting for you and we can help you unlock your future.

Citizenship Programs

Get the Privilege of having a Second Passport

Residency Programs

Gain free education and healthcare for your family.

Immigration Consultancy

A chance to live and explore in another country.

Investment Consultancy

Obtain not just a citizenship but also rental income on your investments.


About Agency

Consultations for Citizenship And Residency

Winvested is a leading advisory for the Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programs. We help guide our clients on choosing the best country to bank in, own a business, live in, provide their children the best global education along with gaining freedom of travel and all these countries can be a different safe haven to them.

We handle your case with the utmost care and attention. Contact us now to find out more on welcoming the future with the most efficient and cost-effective paths to becoming global citizen.

Planning For The Future?

Give wings to your Dreams

The upsides of holding an alternative citizenship and second passport are noteworthy in the event that you need to alleviate dangers and shield your riches. You can build up organizations, open Bank Accounts and extend ventures globally under your subsequent citizenship. A second passport & citizenship encourages you to accomplish security if your nation of origin is temperamental and permits you to move freely around the world.

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Getting Citizenship And Residency

We make the process faster

Our highly professional team process the files in just days. The estimated time to receiving the passports depends on the time taken by government for their due diligence process.

How it Works

Upon choosing your most suited second citizenship program the documents are gathered and submitted for the initial due diligence checks.

Regular updates are provided by the team to keep you informed during the process.

Upon approvals, investments or contributions are made to issue the certificates and passports for delivery.

We love our clients

Thousands of people choose our services

At Winvested we have developed a very strong trust based relation with our clients. Our clients always receive the utmost transparency and our team is available to answer all of their questions at anytime.

We adhere the highest ethical, moral and legal standards in our business and maintaining our clients requirements and understanding their needs is our first priority.

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We are secure, reliable and worthy of your trust

A fully licensed government approved agency operating from Dubai, authorized to provide solutions to people across world.

We take security and client confidentiality extremely seriously. That is why we invest time and money to make sure that our systems are secured by the best technologies available.

Reliability is paramount and runs through every aspect of our organization. Highly compliant with the legislations, our processes and systems are audited to international quality standards.

Countries For Citizenship

We offer the quickest second passport & citizenship by investment service in dubai which require minimal or no residency in the new country or for you to give up your current Nationality.

Countries For Residency

Get the right to live, enjoy all the benefits of a new country. Open doors to new business opportunities, a broader market, better healthcare and education opportunities for you and your family.

Professional Advisors

Get guaranteed success with our advisors

Our international advisors providing dual nationality consultancy, delivers expertise backed by global experience.

Our advisors offer all of our potential clients a free consultation. We can do this over the phone or you can meet with us at our Dubai office.

We will always provide guidance to all your possibilities based on your experiences before letting you engage in any program to maintain all our clients are approved and have a smooth, hassle free process.


We are the prime choice

Maintaining our Clients requirements and understanding their needs is our first priority.

Achieve the highest level of professional excellence, transparency and a hassle-free process completion.

Provide prompt and responsive service along with regular progress updates on their application.

Exceed the Client’s expectations by providing the most suitable and the fastest second passport service to obtain their alternate citizenship and residency planning.

Adhere to the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards in our business.